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Death By Pie

Harriet, Harry & The Pirates


Westernized! is a brand new comedy spoof by Nathan Smith that explores one of the most exciting periods of history – The American West... With hilarious consequences.  Taking place in a pop-up saloon, four wannabe storytellers join forces to tell the ultimate Wild West Story.  Expect: Vengeful natives, seedy cat houses, love struck prospectors and ermmm a Delorean? Will Crow find and kill his Father? Can Layla escape the brothel? And most importantly – can the storytellers work together to tell a coherent tale... Probably not.

In July 2018, Death By Pie was awarded with 'The Most Innovative Use of Space' Award at the Greater Manchester Fringe for their Wild West spoof Westernized! that was set in a Pop-Up Saloon.


The House on Hallowed Ground


When William Marshall discovers his Uncle has died he does not expect to be competing in a murderous game to inherit his relative's house. Not to mention, the demonic birds, haunted furniture and blind architects that reside in the building.


Get ready for another 'laugh a second' show from the hilarious Death By Pie. Full of slapstick comedy, spooky shocks and witty original songs written by Nathan Smith.


This is your Halloween entertainment served in a big, fat deadly pie!

Health Under Fire

If you enjoy spoof comedies that are fast paced, ridiculous and jam packed with jokes - this play is for you. Think the Naked Gun meets 39 Steps!


It's Manchester 1950, the NHS has only been active for 2 years. Arnold Grace has been sent to investigate The Royal Infirmary Hospital under allegations that pharmaceutical products are regularly going missing. As Grace digs deeper through the investigation he finds corruption, robbery, fraud and conjoined twins.


This is the company's first production. The show enjoyed two smashing runs at Manchester Fringe and the Edinburgh festival (2015).


Read the tasty reviews!

'A comedy that is actually funny... The script is a gem' - Manchester Theatre Awards

'At times resembling the surreal comedy of Monty Python, at others, the biting satire of A Touch of Cloth' - Quays News

'A highlight at the Greater Manchester Fringe this year' - Upstaged Manchester


Here are some of our Health Under Fire reviews that are still available to read:


Upstaged Manchester



If there was ever an award for ‘Least Likely to be a Pirate’ it would definitely go to Harriet Pippin. But somehow, little Harriet has managed to get aboard NOT ONE but TWO Pirate ships. It is now up to her, to find the treasure, stop two rival pirate gangs from fighting each other and still get home in time for her Mum’s beef stew!


Join Death By Pie for a swashbuckling, family adventure filled with live, original music, audience interaction and slapstick comedy.


This Production is a family friendly outdoor theatre show produced by award winning theatre company Death By Pie.

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