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Death By Pie




Tasty, tasty comedy

Death By Pie was founded in 2014 because Nathan Smith loves pie and comedy (in that order). We specialise in theatrical comedy. What does that mean you ask? Well it means we recreate popular genres on a ridiculously low budget through inventive slapstick and musical parodies. Our 'ethos' is simple Make the most, affordable family theatre in the North West of England.


Our first production 'Health Under Fire' premiered in summer 2015 where it performed at both the Manchester & Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Our Second Show, 'The House on Hallowed Ground' (2016) saw sell-out performances and established Death By Pie as the 13th best fringe, comedy spoof company in Manchester (a statistic which I just made up).


In July 2018, Death By Pie was awarded with 'The Most Innovative Use of Space' Award at the Greater Manchester Fringe for their Wild West spoof Westernized! that was set in a Pop Up Saloon.


Death By Pie returned to stage in 2021 with their outdoor family show 'Harriet, Harry & The Pirates'.


Here's a trailer, from our 2018 Wild West show 'Westernized!' Enjoy!

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