Death By Pie


We know this a new thing for a lot of people, so we thought we'd put together a little FAQ to answer some of those important questions...



•So... How does it work?


It is a virtual office Christmas Party. We will take care of the whole technical aspect. That means, we set up the zoom link and manage the room. We will ask you to share the zoom link with your guests and we will provide the entertainment. Your package will include: an award ceremony and a murder mystery.


•How long does the party last for?


The party will last no longer than 4 hours.


•Can we book a day party?      


Absolutely, you can book a 4 hour slot between 9am - 12am.


•Do we have to do any acting?


No, the murder suspects will be played by professional actors. Sit back and enjoy. You will however, get a chance to interrogate the suspects.


•Can we dress up?


Please do! However, this is not a requirement. Our Murder Mystery is a Christmas themed storyline set in a modern manor house. But if you want to come dressed as gangsters or Elsa from Frozen - then that's fine and dandy with us!


•How much does it cost?


The cost of the package completely depends on the size of the party. Please fill out our super, simple enquiry form HERE.


•Is it family friendly?


The show is designed for office parties and does contain some adult themes that are usually associated with popular Murder Mystery storylines. If you are expecting a young audience at your party - please let us know. This way, we can discuss some of the themes/storylines in the show and iron out any concerns.


•Who are you?


Death By Pie are a Manchester based theatre company that specialise in immersive, theatrical comedy. What does that mean? It means we make silly theatre, that is highly interactive. In 2018, we won ‘The Most Innovative Use of Space’ because we built a Wild West Saloon in the centre of Manchester for our show ‘Westernized!’


We are not an event company. We are a theatre company that have adapted to this strange, post-COVID world that we now live in. The show is written and performed by professional actors. Our team includes TV stars, West End performers and Pantomime dames.


If you've got any more questions, please fill in our enquiry form HERE and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.




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