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The 30 Greatest Country Songs For People Who Don't Like Country

Welcome to my Country Music Blog (a phrase I never thought I'd say) where from the 18th June I will be counting (in order) the 30 Greatest Country songs for people who think country music is proper lame!



#4 Dolly Parton – Jolene (1973)

By deathbypie, Sep 18 2018 03:27PM

'Please don't take him just because you can'

You would never think Dolly Parton would have a problem holding onto her man and whatever the stories/background of the song are - Dolly certainly makes you believe this is happening. Her pleading lyrics of this siren sucking in her partner are heartbreaking. It also deserves top marks for the thumb-picked guitar intro.

It will forever be a karaoke classic and a guaranteed sing-along in every car journey. Plus it's country through and through!


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