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The 30 Greatest Country Songs For People Who Don't Like Country

Welcome to my Country Music Blog (a phrase I never thought I'd say) where from the 18th June I will be counting (in order) the 30 Greatest Country songs for people who think country music is proper lame!



#2 The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses (1971)

By deathbypie, Sep 20 2018 07:04AM

'Wild horses couldn't drag me away'

That's right... I think the second best song to get you into Country is by a band from London. But in it's defence, it is arranged by the maestro that is Gram Parsons (his band the Flying Burrito Brothers actually released it a year prior to The Stones). So hopefully that will make it all right.

This is Jagger's best vocal performance, it's quite restrained and doesn't rely on his charm. It has been butchered by other artists over the years, but just enjoy this British Country Ballad for what it was originally .


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