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The 30 Greatest Country Songs For People Who Don't Like Country

Welcome to my Country Music Blog (a phrase I never thought I'd say) where from the 18th June I will be counting (in order) the 30 Greatest Country songs for people who think country music is proper lame!



By deathbypie, Sep 24 2018 12:14PM

'Love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring'

Not that much of a surprise is it really? I mean you're probably already humming the trumpet part right now aren't you? I certainly am. Every genre has an artist like Johnny Cash: accesible and enjoyable. 'Ring Of Fire' (written by June Carter - his wife and Merle Kilgore) is the the song everybody sings as soon as anyone is told to immediatley sing a Country song. Don't believe me? Try it.

From the el mariachi trumpets to Cash's deep, baritone. It is the perfect Country song. Please listen and sing your little heart out.

However... It's been almost 2 years of constant Country Music for me... So whilst you read through the rest of the list - I'm going to listen to some refreshing Gangsta Rap :)


By deathbypie, Sep 20 2018 07:04AM

'Wild horses couldn't drag me away'

That's right... I think the second best song to get you into Country is by a band from London. But in it's defence, it is arranged by the maestro that is Gram Parsons (his band the Flying Burrito Brothers actually released it a year prior to The Stones). So hopefully that will make it all right.

This is Jagger's best vocal performance, it's quite restrained and doesn't rely on his charm. It has been butchered by other artists over the years, but just enjoy this British Country Ballad for what it was originally .


By deathbypie, Sep 19 2018 09:31PM

'I've been to Hollywood... I've been to Deadwood'

If you're a Neil Young fan, then chances are you don't like this song. But you know what? You're wrong it's gorgeous. I love Neil Young and I still adore this song. It's sweet, funny and one of the best acoustic guitar riffs ever written.

This is Young's biggest hit and also influences a particular line in the Westernized! song 'Fool's Gold'.

When Hannah Hobley hears a song she loves, she will usually say this line: 'This is a beauuuuuuutiful song' in her delightful Lancashire accent. And when I played it one afternoon, it was no surprise - that this song was declared a beauty.


PS: Matt Catterall has no opinion on this song

By deathbypie, Sep 18 2018 03:27PM

'Please don't take him just because you can'

You would never think Dolly Parton would have a problem holding onto her man and whatever the stories/background of the song are - Dolly certainly makes you believe this is happening. Her pleading lyrics of this siren sucking in her partner are heartbreaking. It also deserves top marks for the thumb-picked guitar intro.

It will forever be a karaoke classic and a guaranteed sing-along in every car journey. Plus it's country through and through!


By deathbypie, Sep 18 2018 09:36AM

'Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my ma and pa... Not that way that I do love you'

This is arguably the best new country song on the list and completely deserves the number 5 position. It's a shame the band never reached this peak of genius again (there's still time). It's a wonderful duet between singer Alex Ebert & Jade Castrinos - funny and sweet.

Used in numerous tv series and adverts, it's the type of song which reminds you that Country ain't dead.


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